Party Pieces

About my light verse:


1. There is one book of my light verse out on Amazon (or Ping Me).


Click on "An Alphabestiary" and you'll find samples, and the Amazon blurb for it. But first, a caveat emptor word of warning.


I'm a proud parent: I love this book, but it's very home-made. The illustrations are charmingly amateurish. I think the writing stands up, yet I know that no professional editor would have allowed me to crowd so many of these short poems into one volume. I go through the alphabet four times. I squeeze in ten or dozen extras as prefatory pieces, or commentaries, or in the afterword. It should probably have been four books, with much more care given to lay-out and to illustration.


Sample it in the right spirit and you will, I hope, be charmed. But here's an invitation to any reader of these pages who is a real illustrator/designer/editor of light verse books: thank you so much for your offer of help!


2. Visit PIC LIT to see samples from another book you can still order copies (at Ping Me). "The Flap Over Tree Debris Island" is over at PIC LIT because it's a hybrid: every bit as much a book of photography (albeit on trade book quality paper) as of writing. And the writing isn't exclusively light verse, or even verse. But most of it is.


3. "An Alphabestiary" had quite a few outtakes; some of them I liked a lot. And I continued to write lots more animal quatrains, and not just to illustrate photographs (see "The Flap"). I put the extras and the new ones in a folder called "A 2nd Bestiary." I'm posting most of them here!


4. l toss off limericks regularly, and mostly don't keep track of them. But there a few in the "Limericks" folder. And I'm also issuing you a Limerick Challenge. Check it out!


5. There's a related "Lights Out Loud" folder at the PERFORMANCE tab.


6. There will be other files, eventually. Possibly one large one. In the late 80s, early 90s, for a period of six or eight years, I wrote nothing but poems and short stories about animals beginning with the letter C. I had a list of over 400 animals, and I worked through 60 or 70 of them. I was engaged more in other arts at the time (theater); my C-Beasts work was mostly just for fun. (See POETRY, "Mutt Spirituals," for one exception.) At the moment, there are "C-Beasts" pieces all over the site (e.g. at LIGHTS OUT LOUD, and as SONG LYRICS, at the PROJECTS tab). I'm planning a chapbook of some. Others, I'll post right here.