January 2, 2022

"Alibi" is a longish poem about my grandmother (and about being questioned in a murder investigation). The version from my next MS is actually maybe 150 words longer than this one, and includes Americanisms. The journal has a 600 word limit and insists on British English only!
I thought it would be a fun and instructive adaptation challenge. The issue's theme is "Brown".

December 2021

RIGOROUS is running my snarky, exasperated Donald Trump sonnet, sometimes called, "A November 2021 Post-Election Prayer" under the title "Because the Man Just Won't Go Away".


In the December VERSE-VIRTUAL you'll find two of my recent poems: "Taxiing" which is dedicated to my mother, and "A Wasp" The theme of the issue was "endings" You can find the poems at: https://www.verse

I am thrilled to have work in the latest issue of ANMLY, and quite honestly, I'm especially pleased, in this case, that it's work that didn't originate with me. Because these are a pair of translations/adaptations from (excuse me while I fanboy out) RUTEBEUF himself! There are lots of writers I love. I'm sure many of them must have quietly influenced me. But who has ever cast a double spell to surpass the 13th century French poet Rutebeuf? ANMLY very generously offers space for both a translator's note and an audio presentation. I do hope you'll check them out, and that you'll browse the rest of the issue too. Thanks, Sarah and Maxine!