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PLAYHOUSE breaks up, for now, or for soon, into four parts:



Four excerpts from my full-length Play of Gilgamesh. This is an adaptation of the 4,000 year old epic poem in a style I call tribal storyteller's theatre. The four snippets on offer here are the short prologue, a larger chunk from just before intermission, and two chunks from the middle of  the second half. The second of those is something of a stand-alone: it's called "The Pageant of the Flood," and it pre-dates the Noah tale by a thousand or two years.


Contact me if you wish to know more about this project.



a) A list of titles, and the longer projects they are part of.

b) One published short play, a comic dialogue called "Amusement Park." Please contact me before performing it, if it interests you.

c) One unpublished short play, "What If Everybody, What If Nobody," because it's incomplete without a collaborator who is a choreographer. It's less a traditional play than a folk tale for a Storyteller, a Listener, and two Dancers. Please contact me if it interests you!


Other short plays will be posted when the time is right.



I haven't reread this full-length script in almost 30 years. Watch this space.



Just for fun, I'll try to recall every part I've played in front of a paying audience. I will fail.

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