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The Memory Addicts
Is Here

The new book by Derek Kannemeyer

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Without memory, how can a society survive? At the first stirrings of what proves to be a horrific pandemic, Jody and Millar work at a Virginia medical research facility. An amnesia drug has been withdrawn: it sparks amazing restorations but it also implants false memories. Nevertheless, for her own desperate reasons, Jody has stolen a batch, and as memory loss turns the world's billions into cataleptic husks, this drug becomes the survivors’ only hope to jury-rig a half-reliable identity.

The Memory Addicts is a star-crossed love story, and a plague story, but it's primarily the portrait of a dozen friends navigating a world in peril. At issue are the ways in which our dependence on memory shapes and shackles us. And the fragility of the stories that we live by, and that we leave behind us.   

“Masterfully crafted… In the best possible way, The Memory Addicts reads like a classic, but that doesn’t keep the story from having a light pace. This novel is everything you could want.” —Readers' Favorite, 5 stars

“A challenging, topsy-turvy addition to 21st-century pandemic-inspired literature.”—Kirkus Reviews

THE MEMORY ADDICTS, a novel by Derek Kannemeyer
Atmosphere Press (September 13, 2022): ‎ 346 pages, paperback or Kindle

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1639884092

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1639884094

Press and Praise

Here are the latest reviews of my latest book.

Notes and Appearances

Contact me here if you have requests or questions. Special book club rates are available for sales of multiple copies. 

 I will be glad to attend, via Zoom, any book club discussions of the novel.

Readings and personal appearances will be announced as they are scheduled!

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