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BOOK REVIEW, “The Memory Addicts,” by Derek Kannemeyer

“Although our world has recently been thrown from crisis to crisis, we have been able to survive disasters and even defeat a pandemic. But how would we fare if a new, more dangerous pandemic struck a large population and caused memory loss in its victims? Derek Kannemeyer's masterfully crafted literary work transports us to a world where a virus-caused pandemic that causes widespread forgetfulness threatens to tear society apart. Thanks to scientific research, doctors have discovered the X7 pills. Jody, a medical expert, steals several of them for herself and her closest friends in secret. The pills, however, do more than just aid in memory recovery; they also combine multiple memories in the mind and amplify those that are already present with an intensely realistic feel. Follow Jody and her friends as they overcome past traumas in order to discover their true selves through the use of the X7 drug.

“In the best possible way, The Memory Addicts reads like a classic. The language used in the narrative and dialogue, the descriptions, and even the setting, all remind one of a classic novel, but that doesn't keep the story from having a light pace. This novel is everything you could want from a 21st-century pandemic-inspired story. Derek Kannemeyer excels at transporting you into the story and making you feel you're a part of it. He succinctly and graphically recreates each episode, enabling you to create mental pictures and feel the characters' pain, anger, and happiness… The author has done a beautiful job in this book, and I would like to read more by him.”

5 star review by Alex Ndirangu, for Readers' Favorite

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