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Unsay Their Names

Unsay Their Names (2021) is a record, in photographs accompanied by commentary, of the 2020-21 statue removals in Richmond, VA, and of a city's transformation in the context of the BLM protests. It is also an exploration, in commentary accompanied by photographs, of what brought us, locally and historically, to this summer of reckoning. And it becomes a voyage of personal discovery, as I compare the impact of Confederate and Lost Cause history on race relations in Virginia with my own struggles (as a mixed race immigrant) for racial peace and justice.

Book cover: Lee b'ball, August 2020; fall of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, July 2020
July 2020, vista, approaching the Lee Monument
June 2020, Columbus is fished out of Fountain Lake
July 2020, the crew start figuring out how to take down Stonewall Jackson
July 2020, the crowd stands vigil in the rain, waiting for Stonewall to fall
July 2020, Jeb Stuart, paint-sprayed but still on the pedestal
July 2020, Jeb Stuart's vacated pedestal two days later; and behind it, the church steps
July 2020, Soldiers & Sailors Monument dismantling, a rope around the neck
November 2020, a Lee Monument graffiti detail
February 2021, at the Lee Monument, windshield rain distortions
June 2021, Lee Monument through the fence, with spray paint commentary
September 2021, with Lee's statue gone to grass
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