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(1) In general, the writing that I post on this site will have been previously published. And the photography won't have been, at least not in a publicly available form


(2) I taught Creative Writing for a couple of decades; I dabble in all its styles and genres. But mostly I write and publish POETRY. Free verse; formal verse; hybrid half-forms; prose poems, (Some of what I call prose poems are low-key microfictions, or bits of creative non-fiction. They're often monologues; I could file some under "playwriting." But mostly, they're lyrical narrative vignettes: which to me means prose poems.)


Under the POETRY tab, you'll find poems from my 2018 Blue Nib chapbook, and from my 2021 collection Mutt Spirituals. Also some uncollected work that has appeared recently in journals and is in my next MS, Sort By Title. And not just the texts, but also some commentary on them.

(NB: these are teasers: read the journals! Get hold of the books!)


(3) Under the PLAYWRITING tab, I'm placing, for now:

 (a) One published short play, from a series of comic dialogues I call "Caprices for O & T." It's called "Amusement Park." Please contact me before performing it, if it interests you.

(b) One unpublished short play, "What If Everybody, What If Nobody," because it's incomplete without a collaborator who is a choreographer. It's less a traditional play than a folk tale for a Storyteller, a Listener, and two Dancers. Please contact me if it interests you!

(c) Four excerpts from my full-length Play of Gilgamesh. This is an adaptation of the 4,000 year old epic poem in a style I call tribal storyteller's theatre. The four snippets on offer here are the short prologue, a larger chunk from just before intermission, and two chunks from the middle of  the second half. The second of those is something of a stand-alone: it's called "The Pageant of the Flood," and it pre-dates the Noah tale by a thousand or two years.

Contact me if you wish to know more about this project.


(4) Under the PHOTOGRAPHY tab, I'm posting a few random photos I like. As well as a few sample folders of images from the books, mostly not publicly available, that I've been treating myself to since 2017. And I'll let you know about any books that are publicly available.


(5) I also write LIGHT VERSE. Light verse is mostly filed at the PLAYGROUND tab, under PARTY PIECES. Still, some of the not quite light enough writing (listen, these are just labels; they're not laws) might find its way into POETRY. Some will be posted with the PIC LIT.


(6) PIC LIT, filed under POTPOURRI, is hybrid work, combining photography and writing. Technically, the Unsay Their Names book should go here. But it's under PHOTOGRAPHY.


(7) POTPOURRI also features a PUBLICATIONS page, and a few short PROSE PIECES.

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