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Gulls and Crows

These are images taken in the UK, with my travel camera. In the PROSE PIECES section you can read about why I was there, and you'll also discover one more photograph I took there. (See also the Unsay Their Names folder of images, in particular the text of the final screen shot.) I still have siblings and other close family in the UK, so I might yet add to this folder.


Most of these images were captured in Eastbourne, where my mother spent her final years, but I couldn't resist including one shot at Gatwick Station, while waiting for my train. I was reprimanded for taking it; at railway stations, I was told, this was illegal. I have learned not to idly point and shoot while in the UK. I was also reprimanded in the local park, and at the Eastbourne mall.


My mother and I liked to sit and look out the windows to the street. But another treat was to watch the rivulets made by the weekly window washer, squeegeeing the glass.


Jerry Uelsmann was the first photographer to make a portrait of a subject with her hands over her face, and the face showing through the fingers. He has been much imitated. This image of my mother in a beach chair was more about my own fears for her than her own. It was taken a year and a half before she died; she was still in pretty good shape.


There's a prose piece (POTPOURRI tab) that goes with the "Eastbourne, Terminus Road" image. Please check it out. (And maybe check out the "This Is Personal" screen shot + personal essay under the PHOTOGRAPHY tab too, in the UNSAY THEIR NAMES file.)

Eastbourne pigeon
Christmas gull
Eastbourne mall
Eastbourne promenade, dawn
under Eastbourne pier
Eastbourne sheep
Eastbourne crow, dawn
Eastbourne promenade
Eastbourne, my mother
My mother's kitchen
Eastbourne gulls
Eastbourne, Terminus Road (1)
At Gatwick station
Eastbourne dawn
Eastbourne beach
Dolly headshot handshot
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