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Around the Town

In "Around the Town" and its companion folder "By Running Water" I'm bundling some images of life out in Richmond's streets, parks, and public spaces. I draw from several different photo books, including Street Shots, ObseRVAtion Deck, and Richmond on the James, where the focus is both on people and on setting. Some of my favorite work might be considered casual portraits of this kind, and I wanted to share a few examples—so despite my stated intention to avoid portraiture, there are any number of people in these images. Still, I have tried to limit myself to shots where they are elements of a larger scene and a larger narrative; where they're wearing a public hat; or where the subject was actively collaborating in the shot.

1. French Film Festival 2019
2. Carytown shop front reflections
3. Carytown construction site
4. Carytown Kroger Rain
5. Carytown car window rain
6. Semmes waterworks crew
7. Canal Walk
8. Observation Deck
9. 2nd Street construction
10. On the meadow steps, Museum of History & Culture
11. VMFA pool
12. VMFA picture window
13. VPM Tower
14. Pine sawyer, our yard
15.Timber, our yard
16. Forest Hill Park sledding hill
17. Forest Hill Park lake gazebo, a night portrait
18. Lake bench waterskin, FHP
19. Under the Manchester Bridge
20. Yellow light, FHP
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